Lara Milan – High class Sydney Brazilian escort


Age 24
Height 5'10
Weight 60kg
Hair Long Black
Eyes Hazel
Location Sydney
In calls yes
Out calls yes


Full of the glamour of old Hollywood and the spice of Southern American passion Lara, is a glamour model with moves that make you moan. Looking for passion and fashion with a level of sophistication, look no further than the unforgettable bust of a Brazilian. Let a long legged lady lavish you in the luxury she exudes before ravishing you with a single gaze and a full pout. Be embraced by the carnival of carnal knowledge our lovely Lara longs to share. Lara Milan is the international party girl to lead you into the city with a knowledge of architecture and an enchanting smile.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English, Russian and a little Portuguese
Cuisine Italian, Lebanese and Japanese
Character traits bubbly and sultry
Hobbies interior design, traveling and cooking
Occupation travel agent
Drinks Sav Blanc
Dress style Elegant and classy
Lingerie agent provocatuer
Perfumes Versace: crystal Noir and Ralph Lauren: Romance
Flowers Ambrosia and Lilies of the valley
Clothing size 10
Bra size 10 DD
Wears bags by gucci and Michael Kors
Shoes Christian Louboutin
Tours yes


Executive level escort
1 hour: $900
2 hours: $1800
3 hours: $2700
4 hours: $3600
5 hours: $4500
6 hours: $5400
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $10,800
24 hours full day : $21,600
48 hours weekend fun : $43,200
4 days indulgence : $86,400
7 days/ full week : $151,200
14 days/ fortnight fun : $302,400
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $604,800
Please contact our friendly booking co-ordinators to discuss appointments longer than 1 month or if you would like to extend an existing booking.