Layla Al-Fayeed – High class Sydney Arabian courtesan


Age 20
Height 5'9
Weight 59kg
Hair Curly black
Eyes Brown
Location sydney
In calls yes
Out calls yes


Do you want to dance the night away? Laugh til your ribs ache and your cheeks tighten from hours of smiling? Layla Al-Fayeed is the whirlwind your dying to blow your way. A true breath for fresh air, Layla dazzles as she delights, entangling herself with chaos and charisma. The french have her screaming “Viva La Revolution” as she sips her champagne. Layla imbues a room with electricity turning heads only to break some hearts. She is rock and roll with silk evening gloves and the cheekiest of temperaments. Too be constantly surprised seek out the luxurious Layla and her laugh.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English & Arabic
Cuisine Middle Eastern and Mediterranean
Character traits lively and flirty
Hobbies modeling, fashion and photography
Occupation model
Drinks Shiraz
Dress style Russian Supermodel
Lingerie agent provocateur
Perfumes Fluer
Flowers Sunflowers
Clothing size 10
Bra size 10 DD
Wears bags by Berkin
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Tours Yes


Presidential level escort
1 hour: $1000
2 hours: $2000
3 hours: $3000
4 hours: $4000
5 hours: $5000
6 hours: $6000
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $12000
24 hours full day : $24000
48 hours weekend fun : $48000
4 days indulgence : $96000
7 days/ full week : $132000
14 days/ fortnight fun : $264000
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $528000
Please contact our friendly booking co-ordinators to discuss appointments longer than 1 month or if you would like to extend an existing booking.