Frequently Asked Questions by Ladies

See below list of Frequently asked questions by ladies of ours:

1. Which type of ladies come into consideration for elite playmates?

We are looking for delightful, appealing, open-minded and attractive young ladies with style and class from 18 to 30 years of age who are open to sexual and romantic experiences. Our agency suit girls that are employed but looking for lucrative side opportunities, international university students, models, tourists and hot local babes who appreciate the finer things in life. Our agency was unofficial born in 2013 when we first started offering promotional services to two elite Sydney escorts who decided to take a 2 year break from their 9 to 5 jobs to pursue financial independence instead. Due to the success of these ladies, we decided to guide other escorts in a more established setting. Therefore, this job is also suitable for those taking a gap year from their professional careers or studies to pursue other interests while earning big figures.

2. What are the advantages of the agency?

We have decided to keep our original business model of promoting each escort on an individual basis due to its amazing success. All our committed playmates get access to the best photographers Australia wide and the best exposure on the top end high class escort directories. As much as our SEO experts focus on promoting our beautiful website, they also work tirelessly to build your personal client base so that you are always in demand. Elite playmates advertises on major newspapers, local papers and other popular online and print based outlets to ensure our high class escorts get the best exposure the industry has to offer.

3. Why is it important to meet in person for the interview?

Renowned and reputable escort agencies highly value getting to know the ladies they work with. For us at Elite Playmates, you are not considered an “object” or “means to an end” but a valuable member of our team in an industry where trust is very important. The best way of laying a solid foundation for trust is a personal interview so both parties get to know each other. Only in this manner can we foresee a long-term, harmonic and lucrative cooperation and also so that we can market you based on what we know, not what we guess.

4. Where does the interview take place?

Elite Playmates is one of the few agencies whose manager still likes to meet each lady in person before joining the agency. As our boutique agency is based in the grand city of Sydney, Australia, the interview takes place in the CBD at our headquarters in the privacy of our office. The manager will answer all your questions in a relaxed atmosphere and ultimately decides who to hire. You can choose to be interviewed individually or as a duo if you would like to work with a friend. Our interviews are set one at a time in order to assure discretion.

5. Can I leave the agency at any time?

You decide how long you would like to work with us. However, we are interested in a long-term co-operation and that we expressly distance ourselves from ladies who want quick cash. We are interested in at least 3 months working relationship and we also represent travel girls who visit Sydney frequently and work for a couple of weeks exclusively with us.

6. What happens to my personal data?

Any personal data you supply during the application process is treated with absolute confidentiality and is deleted once we have established your chosen alias and completed your new profile. Your data will never be shared and our manager will solely answer any questions you may have instead of dealing with multiple people.

7. Can I pursue this career discreetly?

We offer a great degree of discretion to our playmates as we do our clients. You have the opportunity to appear discreetly on our website and in all promotional photos by concealing your face, identity, editing out tattoos etc. We also involve you in the decision making process of how your discreet pictures are to be displayed. Nothing is posted without consulting you.

Did we catch your attention? Then we are happily looking forward to receiving your application! Please complete the application form on our employment page and we will get back to you ASAP.

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