Alexis Kunchai: Sydney Thai Escort


Age 26
Height 5'4
Weight 51 Kg
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Location Sydney CBD
In calls Yes
Out calls Yes


Hot Sydney Thai escort, Alexis Kunchai is the definition of camera ready, Alexis proves that fortune truly favors the bold.
A social butterfly, she’s the life of every party, her laughter dances as freely as she does.
With her Australian and Thai heritage, exotic is a word she hears all the time. Alexis is a rarity.

Her deeply passionate nature combined with her desire to please makes her the perfect playmate for any man daring enough to enjoy her. While her gym sculpted body inspires the most primal of urges, it will be her sensual smile that makes your jaw drop. A decisive and creative soul Alexis does the things that make you hot under the collar until you’re out of it.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English and Thai
Cuisine Thai
Character traits Playful, Engaging and Charismatic
Hobbies Latin dancing and running
Occupation Make up artist
Drinks Lychee Martini
Dress style Smart Casual
Lingerie Honey Birdette
Perfumes Channel Premier
Flowers Wild Lilies
Clothing size 8
Bra size 10 C
Wears bags by Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Tours Yes: Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin


$700 Executive level escort
1 hour: $$750
2 hours: $$1350
3 hours: $$1950
4 hours: $$2450
5 hours: $$3050
6 hours: $$3550
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $$4050
24 hours full day : $$6550
48 hours weekend fun : $$12050
4 days indulgence : $$17050
7 days/ full week : $$23050
14 days/ fortnight fun : $$33050
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $$66000
Longer appointments = Please contact our friendly booking co-ordinators to discuss appointments longer than 1 month or if you would like to extend an existing booking.