Charlie Pearson


Age 26 yrs.
Height 5’10
Weight 59 kg
Hair Blonde Ombre
Eyes Hazel/Green
Location Sydney only
In calls Yes
Out calls Yes
Charlie Pearson standing
Charlie Pearson on sofa
Charlie Pearson on bed
Charlie Pearson on couch


Charlie was practically made to be the ultimate girlfriend and travel companion. Were you made to be the right gentleman for her? This beautiful blonde high class Sydney escort has refined tastes and interests and completely lacks pretension. Her adaptability to just about anything in both her personal life and career as a travel companion ensures not only that she’ll have a great time in any situation, but so will whoever she’s with.

Charlie appreciates gallantry and a manly man in the classical sense. Beyond a nice sit down meal at her favourite Mediterranean restaurant, you better plan for naughty adventures. Charlie is considered a great lover.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English
Cuisine Mediterranean and French
Character traits Easy-going, passionate and adaptable
Hobbies Dancing and horseback riding
Occupation Part-time retail manager
Drinks Champagne and sour cocktails
Dress style Smart casual and elegant chic
Lingerie Agent Provocateur and Bareberry
Perfumes Prada, Lagerfeld and Lady Million
Flowers Wild flowers
Clothing size Australian size 12
Bra size 10 DD
Wears bags by Gucci, Chanel and LV
Shoes Christian Louboutin and Armani
Tours Sydney only


1 hour: $1,000
2 hours: $1,900
3 hours: $2,800
4 hours: $3,600
5 hours: $4,600
6 hours: $5,000
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $6,000
24 hours full day : $8,000
48 hours weekend fun : $15,500
4 days indulgence : $21,000
7 days/ full week : $26,000
14 days/ fortnight fun : $35,000
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $70,000
Please contact our friendly booking co-ordinators to discuss appointments longer than 1 month or if you would like to extend an existing booking.