Layla Lexington: Petite high-class sydney escort


Age 23
Height 5'4
Weight 49 kg
Hair onyx
Eyes Jewel
Location Sydney CBD
In calls yes
Out calls yes


Petite high-class Sydney escort, Layla Lexington is the stuff dreams are made of. Home grown charm in the tiniest of packages you will want to unwrap Layla Grace quicker than any christmas present. Throw her over your shoulder and be the caveman you ought to be with the petite Layla. Her classical good looks paired with her warm welcoming embrace make her the perfect companion for long cold nights. Turning heads as she enjoys a cold one, she’s the type of girl you can play a game of pool with before having a couple rounds one on one, losing yourself in her striking eyes and svelte body.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English
Cuisine Modern Australian
Character traits kind, honest and outgoing
Hobbies walking and cooking
Occupation model
Drinks Vale Beer
Dress style Beach Chic
Lingerie Playboy
Perfumes Rose oil
Flowers Hibiscus
Clothing size 6
Bra size 10A
Wears bags by Mimco
Shoes Anything french
Tours no


$500 Executive level playmate
1 hour: $500
2 hours: $1000
3 hours: $1500
4 hours: $2000
5 hours: $2500
6 hours: $3000
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $4500
24 hours full day : $5500
48 hours weekend fun : $7000
4 days indulgence : $14000
7 days/ full week : $18000
14 days/ fortnight fun : $28000
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $56000