Nikki Crawford


Age 21 yrs.
Height 5’11
Weight 51 kg
Hair Shoulder length Brunette
Eyes Brown
Location Sydney
In calls Yes
Out calls Yes
Sydney escort Nikki Crawford
Private girl Nikki Crawford
Brunette escort Nikki Crawford
Private escort Nikki Crawford


Nikki is a stunning high class Sydney escort that grabs attention from men and women alike as soon as she walks into a room. Devilishly good-looking and tall, this model is a walking dream. She has beautiful dark bedroom eyes, a dazzling smile and a figure worthy of all the red-carpets in the world.

Despite her incredible good looks, Nikki is calm, warm and very loving. She likes to pamper and be pampered. Her laidback Aussie attitude has made her very popular with locals and international gentlemen. You will be proud to have her in your arms and show her off like a boss.

Information, preferences and gift ideas

Language English
Cuisine Chinese and Middle Eastern
Character traits Laidback, warm and charming
Hobbies Reading, playing volleyball and dancing ballet
Occupation Model and tutor
Drinks Red wine
Dress style Sporty and classy
Lingerie La Perla, Victoria secrets and Sally Jones
Perfumes Prada, Armani and Chanel
Flowers Iris
Clothing size Australian size 6
Bra size 10 A
Wears bags by LV, Hermes and Guess
Shoes Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Armani
Tours Sydney


1 hour: $600
2 hours: $1,100
3 hours: $1,600
4 hours: $1,800
5 hours: $2,600
6 hours: $3,000
12 hours overnight rendezvous : $3,400
24 hours full day : $5,900
48 hours weekend fun : $11,000
4 days indulgence : $16,000
7 days/ full week : $22,000
14 days/ fortnight fun : $32,000
1 month uninterrupted bliss : $64,000
Please contact our friendly booking co-ordinators to discuss appointments longer than 1 month or if you would like to extend an existing booking.